The 49th Fighter
Squadron Association
Welcome to the official website of the
49th Fighter Squadron Association.
This site was created to celebrate the gallant warriors who served in this prestigious unit of the United States Air Force, and their families.
Activated in September 1941, the 49th has been active continually since, and has operated as a pursuit squadron, a fighter-interceptor squadron, and, in its current capacity, as a fighter training squadron.
To a man, we are all immensely proud  to have been a part of so distinguished an outfit. Long may it serve.
The above plaque was presented to the Air Force Academy in Colorado, where it resides in a wall of memories that pay tribute to great units.
Site was last updated: August 18, 2014
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Faithfully Serving our Country since 1941
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"Read and Relive a bit of the Past"
Click here to read Vol. 1, Issue 1 of the Association's newsletter c.2002
The Association started in 1974 for WW II veterans, expanded in 1986 to include post-WW II members.
In 2002, the WW II founders handed the reins to the post-WW II veterans to move the 49th F.S.A. into its present form