The 49th Fighter
Squadron Association
Welcome to the official website of the
49th Fighter Squadron Association.
This site was created to celebrate the gallant warriors who served in this prestigious unit of the United States Air Force, and their families.
Activated in September 1941, the 49th has been active continually since, and has operated as a pursuit squadron, a fighter-interceptor squadron, and, in its current capacity, as a fighter training squadron.
To a man, we are all immensely proud  to have been a part of so distinguished an outfit. Long may it serve.
The above plaque was presented to the Air Force Academy in Colorado, where it resides in a wall of memories that pay tribute to great units.
Site was last updated: November 20, 2015
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Faithfully Serving our Country since 1941
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Please take a few minutes to read the below message
The year 2015 is coming to a close soon.  We had an amazing September Reunion and are starting to work on our 2016 Reunion. Next year will represent 75 (seventy-five) years since the squadron was first designated in the summer of 1941.  More information to come, be on the watch!
There are two items to finish 2015, and start 2016.  Your help will be greatly appreciated.
Your membership renewal is due in January.  Your membership dues pay to allow us to keep publishing and mailing the Association newsletter.  Our newsletter brings you news of your fellow 49ers, people you know, and I am sure in many cases, love.  You won't find this news in Time, Newsweek, the WSJ, etc., ONLY in our quarterly newsletter.
Check your most recent newsletter and see is the number above your name is 2016, or greater.  If it isn't, please go to the Membership Form above and get your renewal sent in.  Even if you never actively served in the 49th Fighter Squadron (maybe you are a relative, family friend, or a friend who wants to help preserve the 49th Fighter Squadron) join as a Friend of the 49th FSA (see membership form above.)
Finally, the Holiday Season is here and you might want to consider getting a personalized gift from our Gift Shop for someone close to you.  The items in our Gift Shop are unique to the 49th Fighter Squadron Association.  You truly will NOT find them advertised on TV, or in the "Only seen on TV section" of your local store.

A membership is also a great gift.
If you have any questions, please contact me
John Carter, 49th Secretary