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Words from the Commander - 5 FEB 2017

Greetings 49ers and hope all is well. To bring you up to date on happenings that reflect our heritage, on 3 February the 49th FTS dedicated a new briefing room to the memory of one of our own. It was christened 'The Frank Mullinax Auditorium'. Frank passed away last July. The dedication reads as follows:
Frank Mullinax began his aviation career in 1942 in Mission, TX, where he attended U.S Army Air Corps pilot training. After training, then Lt Mullinax deployed with the 49th Fighter Interceptor Squadron to Tunisia, North Africa. On 28 Dec 42, after strafing a convoy and downing two German aircraft, Lt Mullinax was shot down by a Luftwaffe ME-109. He was immediately captured and spent nine months as a POW before escaping with two other Americans near Carrito, Italy. He evaded capture for nine more months until Allied Forces liberated Italy and repatriated him to the 49th. He was promoted to captain and returned to US soil on the 4th of July, 1944! Throughout his life, Capt Mullinax remained an active member of the 49th Fighter Squadron Association and part of the squadron’s living history. When he slipped his last surly bonds, he even left a modest donation for the squadron. Capt Mullinax exhibited the aerial prowess, fighting spirit and commitment to our heritage the squadron strives to instill the every generation of 49th fighter pilots and it is in his memory that we proudly dedicate this auditorium.