Shirley Vollbach    Jerry Strickler      Fred Vollbach      Leo Rosneck   Ellen Rosneck     (134)
2005 Reunion
Valdosta, GA
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Jerry Buford,  Lee' Breezie' Briner, Leo Rosneck, George Alexander
Verle CristJack Lenox  (6)
Ann Beauman                 (unknown)  (7)
Bob Beauman                        John Markley                         (9)   
Hotel Staff Greeting 49th FSA
   Lee 'Breezie' BrinerFrank Mullinax  (11)
John Markley       Tim Oliver  (12)
Joyce Cartmell   Ray Cartmell  (13)
Gladys Kishbaugh, Marge Bagby, Joyce Cartmell  (15)
(unknown)                 Joan Achorn  (16)
Dick Achorn               Verle Crist  (17)
Bill Armstrong                       Ann Beauman  (18)
Barbara Lenox                      Jack Lenox  (19)
Leo Rosneck                         Ellen Rosneck                      Jeanne Murphy    Shirley Vollbach  (20)
  Paul MurphyJune McDougall  Staff McDougall  Leo Rosneck          Ellen Rosneck  (21)
Lee 'Breezie' Briner                        Fred Vollbach  (22)
Ann Beauman                   Bob Beauman  (23)
June McDougall      Staff McDougall         Leo Rosneck  (24)
Bob & Terry Thomalen, Evie Deberg (Back to Camera)  (25)
John Markley                                  Paul Murphy         (26)
Randy Deberg (standing), Joan Hendershot, Blair Hendershot  (27)
Con Bagby, Ray Cartmell, Jerry Buford  (29)
Lorraine Weatherbee      Roger Weatherbee  (37)
Welcoming Party  (42)
Black Knight  (43)
Frank Mullinax with his great-grandchildren, Kathryn, William, & John Adam Norcross  (46)
Above: Nels Carlson before takeoff  (68)
Below: Nels with two pilots  (73)
Above: Paul Scoskie  (92)
Right: Chris Will, Paul Scoskie  (95)
Erma Hester, (unknown)  (100)
Bertie Scoskie, (unknown)  (102)
Lorraine Weatherbee            Gladys Kishbaugh  (103)
(unknown)                           Jeanne Murphy  (105)
Ellen Rosneck         Shirley Vollbach             Betty Hunter  (107)
Terry Thomalen                               Evie Deberg  (109)
June McDougall                            Everdene Salustro  (111)
Joyce Cartmell               Joan Achorn              Marge Bagby  (112)
Roy 'Snuffy' Johnson      Sharon Taylor       Susan Beth Winn       Rachel Ann Will  (114)
Gerald Hunter          Karen Hunter           Judith Musgrove  (118)
Lee 'Breezie' Briner,   Lt. Col. (ret.) Tim Oliver  (127)
Judith Musgrove     Verle Crist     "Snuffy" Johnson                           (unknown)                (unknown)   (128)
Betty Hunter, Erma Hester, (unknown), (unknown), Guy Hester  (129)
(unknown)              Guy Hester    Gerald Hunter  (130)
(unknown)           Sharon Bailey             (unknown)                 (unknown)                    Cliff Bailey  (131)
Jack Schetler           Doris Schetler            Cliff Bailey   (132)
  Joan Achorn Dick Achorn Staff McDougall June McDougall Shirley Vollbach  (133)
  Lt. Col. (ret.) Tim Oliver                  Bob Beauman  (138)
Kay Kishbaugh  Frank Mullinax,     Gladys Kishbaugh  139)
  Bob Thomalen, Blair Hendershot, Joan Hendershot, Terry Thomalen (back to camera), Jeanne Murphy  (140)
Paul Murphy, Ron Lavoie, Evie Deberg, Terry Thomalen    (141)
  Evie Deberg,   Terry Thomalen,   Bob Thomalen, Blair Hendershot   (142)
  Jack Wagner, Grant Bruckmeier, John 'Jazz' Jannazo,
Randy Deberg (in back right)   (143)
Lorraine Weatherbee, Bertie Scoskie, Paul Scoskie  (160)
Johnny Caruso, Margie Caruso, Everdene Salustro, Henry Salustro  (162)
Everdene Salustro, Henry Salustro, Randy Deberg, Paul Murphy, Lee Briner  (163)
Lee seems distracted in the picture to the left, click on the thumbnail above to see what might be distracting him
Judith Musgrove
(unknown), (unknown), Erma Hester, Guy Hester, Lee  Briner  (167)
(unknown), Chris Will, Jerry Strickler, Nels Carlson, (unknown)  (174)
Frank Mullinax, Fred Vollbach, Chris Will, (unknown)  (170)
Rachel Ann & Chris Will, Alice Briner, Lee 'Breezie' Briner (176)
Ray Cartmell          Joyce Cartmell  (177)
Mal Kenney        Sally Ann Kenney (178)
       Alice Briner         Sally Ann Kenney     Joyce Cartmell (180)
  Mal Kenney       Lee Briner      Ray Cartmell 182)
Blair Hendershot, Ray Cartmell (in back), Joyce Cartmell. Bob Beauman, Sall Ann Kenney, (unknown), Mal Kenney, (unknown)  (186)
Paul Murphy, Col. (unknown), Bob Thomalen (187)
Frank Mullinax              Judith Musgrove (188)
Bob Beauman, Paul Murphy, (unknown), Lee Briner, (unknown) (189)
Mullinax Clan  (190)
Lee 'Breezie' Briner   George Alexander (191)
          Don Luttrell               Roger Weatherbee  (157)
Jack LenoxBarbara LenoxJudith Musgrove  (158)
        Lee Briner          Alice Briner  (179)
Lt. Col. Mark Connolly          Lt. Col. (ret.) Tim Oliver
(Former Commander 49th FTS)                                   (PS150055) 
Capt. Eric "Crusher" Fiederer        Don Luttrell  (PS150056)
Capt. Eric "Crusher" Fiederer     Jack Lenox  (PS150059)
Brig. Gen.  Clint Winne   Ray Brooks   Anita Brooks  (PS150063)
The four pictures below were just sent in by Paul Scoskie      (It's never too late to preserve history.)
Sally Ann & Mal Kenney                            (34)
The 49th Fighter Squadron Association